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Dybbuk - s/t CS

With Jake Bielby (Plague Rider; Live Burial) on guitars / programming and James Watts (Plague Rider; Lovely Wife; Friend; Lump Hammer; Möbius) on vocals, this debut from Tyneside experimental death metal progressives, DYBBUK layers the riffs thick and fast in a sensory overload, across two 30 minute compositions, smashing boundaries and ripping open the heart of metal.

"Dybbuk dispense two 30 minute tracks that take us through the origins of metal, grindcore, death metal, speed meta… hell, basically anything you can imagine with riffs. This isn’t some Guitar Hero nonsense, though. Just think of a soundtrack of being hurled into hell, and if Uniform did metal then it’d sound something like this. It’s out there, but what Cruel Nature release isn’t? Dybbuk are yet another perfect fit for the label." - Sun13

“A glorious barrage of rapidly mutating riffage, demonic vokills and punishing programmed drums” - Joseph Stannard, The Wire

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