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Bent Blue - Between Your And You're CS

San Diego, CA's Bent Blue just debuted with a very solid five-song demo of melodic hardcore with sort of a peculiarly "jangly" style of production/mix that lends an almost angular indie edge to the material in some ways—slightly raw and noisy in a cool way that's not uncontrolled. You could probably even say "emo," on some level, but only in that classic D.C./Dischord manner, you know? Something about the guitars could use a little more clarity or punch, but that doesn't hold things back. Both the vocals and the music are powerful and emotive, rooted in "classic" influences without sounding like a rehashed copy of hundreds of other bands. I very rarely get excited by anything that's rooted in traditional hardcore anymore, but this is quite nice. Loads of potential here. - Aversionline

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