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Bodies On Everest / Lump Hammer - Whelmed 2xCS

The UK’s least accessible purveyors of dirge reunite for a split release of harrowing, noise-rock. One hour, forty three minutes & thirty six seconds of bludgeoning absurdity across two cassettes (or CD's), Whelmed contains approximately nine riffs over it's unwieldy duration, seeing both bands at their reductive peak.

Bodies On Everest from Liverpool offer four new tracks of twin bass maximum volume assault, producing over an hour of relentless repetition and dedication to pushing their sound even further from 'fun' or indeed 'listenable'.

Lump Hammer from Newcastle Upon Tyne return the favour with five new tracks of baritone guitar maximum volume assault, producing just over forty minutes of raucous noise drenched repetition and dedication to persevering down their particular trench.

Panurus Productions