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PAK40 - Bunker CS

A heavy shelling from the York based two-piece. PAK40’s arsenal consists of drums and bass, and sprawls across seven tracks in just under an hour. Whilst firmly embedded in stoner/doom, the band take the traditional template and expand upon it with a healthy dose of groove and experimentation.

Whilst undeniably heavy, the slabs of bass on Bunker are precise and mesh with tight drum work, propelling the ensemble inexorably forward. PAK40’s elephantine gait is more purposeful than it is ponderous, only really slowing into dirge territory to close the album with Bunker. Indeed, both U-96 and Pyramid accelerate well beyond the usual tempo constraints of their genre, before embarking on the epic Elephant. Effects drenched vocals bubble behind the bass lines, adding extra texture and melody without, drifting in and out of dynamic shifts as the music twists and turns. Sitting somewhere between Primus, Sleep and High on Fire, Bunker should appeal to both traditionalists and those after something new and innovative.

Panurus Productions