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Den - Iron Desert LP

Out here space isn't all yellow submarines & silver machines. Doom, dread & spinning heads are as omnipresent as the sunshine lauded way back on Earth. Patterns you see(k) are more Rorschachian than some cheek-dimple truth and sometimes the remedies to life's boredom are both meditative and bloodthirsty. The point is you get what you give. Fear not psychonaut, you bring what light you need with you & you are free to kindle that light or dissolve into the void in your attempt to meet eternity's gaze. As entropic ambassadors with Kuiper Belt dominion & gas giant weight we, Den, welcome you to the sands of the Iron Desert. Good fucking luck.

Den are three low frequency worshipping cavemen from Chicago playing loud since 2010 somewhere between noise rock & metal with occasional progressive elements & electronic fuckery.

Corpse Flower Records