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Closet Witch / Racetraitor / Neckbeard Deathcamp / Haggathorn - Split 2xEP

Regarding the motivation for this split, Mani Mostofi, vocalist of Racetraitor says, “I’ve always loved splits. Splits seem to be a unique oddity of the punk, hardcore, and metal scenes and I think that is because of the collective underpinning of those scenes. We wanted this project to be a community building exercise in which like-minded bands each offer their take on life, politics, and brutality in a shared space. We are pretty pleased by the outcome.”

Closet Witch’s songs five songs on this split, which transition with feedback and machine-gun snares from NBDC’s two, show them at the peak of their musical prowess. Their emotional delivery of punishing, harsh grind is impossible to ignore, and it is easy to imagine vocalist Molly Piatetsky piloting a riot, funneling her instantly recognizable gale of a voice through a stickered bullhorn.

Needing no introduction, Racetraitor are the veterans on this split. In the vein of Lärm, Earth Crisis, Manliftingbanner, 108, and Shelter, Racetraitor emerged in 1996 as a vehement anti-racist, anti-Colonial metallic hardcore band influenced by leftist politics and Sufism.

Neckbeard Deathcamp is satire in the sense that it takes tropes consistent with NSBM and turns them on their ear, pointing out their ridiculousness by reversing them and exaggerating them. Their aesthetic is a War Metal one, but with current alt-right imagery mixed in and lambasted.

The final track on the split belongs to Haggathorn, an anti-fascist black metal band who shares members with Racetraitor. Though they share stylistic elements and political viewpoints with NBDC, their approach is serious and deadly.

This gatefold double EP comes on white vinyl.

To Live A Lie / Circus Of The Macabre / Moment Of Collapse Records