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Fret! - A Vanity Spawned By Fear CD

"We found ourselves somewhat smitten by ‘SUSD’. A rumble some corkscrewing Math mutant oik which in its initial moments had us shuffling them in the Shellac pen for ease. But then strange things happen and soon shedding its skin this blistered brooding beast soon assumes a darker persona that’s scabbed and scarred in a storm razored sky fired apocalyptic oblivion. Much more of an in your face noise niking agitant is the fancifully frenetic ‘Davy’ which again has an afterburn hostile of Shellac as though exchanging fist clenched swipes with the mighty Jesus Lizard, brutal stuff." (The Sunday Experience)

“What appeals about A Vanity Spawned By Fear is the simple fact that it’s raw and uncompromising and blindingly intense. It isn’t pretty or nice, and isn’t supposed to be. It wouldn’t work if it was.” (Aural Aggravation)

“Life is full of disappointments, but one thing that doesn't disappoint is the brand new album from Fret! ... be prepared for plenty of frantic drums, punchy bass lines and a solo guitar that drives a slew of riffage with no compromises. “ (The Cauteriser)

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