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Escuela Grind - Indoctrination LP

Through punishingly short, and dynamic songs, Escuela Grind delivers politically charged lyrics inspired by modern anxieties, unrest, and the roots of hardcore punk, grindcore, and powerviolence.

"Following the forward-thinking path of bands like Terrorizer, these Ithaca, New York-based grinders offer variance to the tired blast-blast-blast trope, mixing in elements of death metal, doom, noise and more into their nitro cocktail. Featuring former members of Kill the Client, Monolith and more, Escuela are fronted by Katerina Economou, whose ferocious vocals provide an excellent guide into the group's depravity, one littered with hidden hooks, incredible riffs and brutality layered on brutality..." - Revolver.

PLEASE NOTE - copies are sealed but still have small seam splits along the top, sorry about that.

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