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Disgusted Geist / Medicine Noose - Split LP

The two tracks from Disgusted Geist mark DC's first foray into the rotten world of death metal. Based in the isolated hillsides of San Luis Obispo, California. they play a vigorous and aggressive style of doom-death, drawing from the aural spewage of bands like early Corrupted, Cianide, and Autopsy. Their self-recorded demo was released by the band in 2017 to wide notice. In the same year, DG entered the studio with Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios (Autopsy, Undergang, Necrot) where they recorded their debut full-length “Reign of Enthrallment” -- released in June of 2018 They have played extensively throughout California, sharing the stage with acts like Exhumed, Fetid, Mortiferum, Innumerable Forms, etc.

On the flip side, Medicine Noose have concocted another 3 tracks of sludge-punk in a similar vein to the much missed Meth Drinker. Born under the banner of total filth and ugliness, MN was put to life for no other reason than to recreate a sound reminiscent of early sludge and doom entities (Grief, Noothgrush, Toadliquor). Having chosen a moniker that easily refers back on a typical genre band, MN critically reflects on this genre's re-interpretation caused by hedonistic drug-and-amp worship. This is musical regression beyond all measure. This is omnipresent angst, despair and the undeniable feeling of leading a life that is barely yours.

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