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Vom - Altered States LP

After releasing one of the finest debuts to come out of Glasgow in years, Vom have had this one gestating for quite long enough! This follow-up to 2009's "Primitive Arts" continues with their signature shamanistic-cult goth sound and ups the ante considerably in density and foreboding atmosphere, whilst also exploring more of a "pop" sensibility on a couple of tracks, and even ends with a quasi-martial industrial track which sounds to these ears bang-on early Mortiis!

Vocals are still pushed quite far back in the mix and are much more overtly early Sisters Of Mercy here, with drummer Matt only contributing his heavily-reverbed power electronic-esque moans to a couple of songs. Drumming is very minimal (recently they moved to a drum machine for a while) but lethally effective, and the whole thing is driven along by pounding, simple bass lines, cut through by wailing guitar lines. Vom aren't a band to pander to the crowd and after four years since the last album this is a more than worthy follow-up which still maintains the drive and intensity of the debut without re-hashing. Best band in Scotland hands down!

At War With False Noise Records