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Vom - Initiation Tape

It's been four years since Altered States, and three years since they last played live due to some shit circumstances, but these bad vibes have been funnelled into this piece of absolutely untouchable dark art; a dense and often difficult-to-penetrate album that takes patience but reaps great rewards.

Initiation is a further step into the void; there's only one track with vocals (and they're buried deep in the mix, somewhere between Birthdeath-Skullflower and Total Sex-era Whitehouse). The guitar playing is almost entirely formless, long notes of wailing electric scree piercing the pounding martial drums and voodoo bass tones. They've been called "goth" before, but this is less Siousxie And The Banshees and more Cindytalk, beyond the confines of narrow genre description.

This is much more of a jam record than Vom have ever done; the rhythm section holding it together whilst the guitar wildly calls the shots above it all. It's absolutely fucking brilliant.

At War With False Noise Records