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Evil Madness / Infant Death - Split CS

Infant Death and Evil Madness may come from two very different countries (Chile and Norway respectively) - or even continents, for that matter - and each have a slightly unique DNA, but they’re both old school to the fucking bone, and that’s why they’ve decided to gather forces to show the rest of the world how it’s done. This tape contains 31 minutes of vicious blackthrash meets old-school classic thrash, each band offering four and five tracks, respectively, of ripping torment, including a storming rendition of Onslaught's very own "Thermonuclear Devastation" courtesy of ID: a fitting description of their approach, actually. EM may have a less blackish and more traditional way of decapitating their listeners’ heads - think more early Kreator or Possessed than, say, Aura Noir in that case - but both acts have the same uncompromising and "fuck all trends" attitude.

Hellforced Records