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Krupskaya / Wojczech - Split LP

Germany's Wojczech are grim, murderous, and romping at first, accelerating in bursts of deranged frenzy and then pulls back into slower movements in which bleak dissonance and methodical hammering hold sway, as well as even slower movements that seem mortifyingly doomed and plague-stricken. As the song drags and crawls even more ponderously toward the end, it’s as if the light of life has finally gone out of the eyes of what was being torn apart in the song’s earlier stages.

Krupskaya (from Stoke-on-Trent in the UK) haven’t been around as long as Wojczech, having come into existence in 2005 from the ashes of Fuck Hate Propaganda and Kzzch. But since then they’ve toured in 21 countries and released over 70 tracks spread across multiple releases. They’ve added four tracks to this new split. The music continues to change in mind-fracturing ways, becoming discordant, utterly grim, hallucinatory, oppressive, haunted — but those volcanic eruptions of extreme violence keep coming back, and they make you want to jump out of your skin every time it happens.

7Degrees Records