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Watchcries - Wraith LP

Wraith picks up where their self-titled debut EP left off. Pushing boundaries and expanding on their sound with a caustic mixture of crusty, swaggering metallic hardcore, sludge and grind with elements of death and black metal, Wraith sees Watchcries sounding more ferocious than ever before.

“There seem to be a lot of great bands coming out of Brighton at the moment, and Watchcries are no exception; formed of ex-members of Torpor, War Wolf, Dopefight and Teef, their caustic mixture of hardcore, sludge and grind is something special indeed...” - Terrorizer Magazine (December 2016).

“ first demo feeling around for chemistry, or below par production - this is full blooded, ferocious UK doomed hardcore that is instantly gratifying... this feels like the birth of another special band to our UK underground.” - Ninehertz (December 2016)

“...this 3 track offering of metallic hardcore fuses itself with elements of death and black metal and instantly grabs you by the collar and gets right in your face... Watchcries have no interest in nuance; this is a band who are itching to make the most visceral and aggressive metal they can.” - UK Scumscene (January 2017)

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