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Scab Eater - Mind Trench Tape

Sophomore release from this Australian hardcore combo and it's at least as good, if not better, than their debut. The name of the game here is still heavy, slightly crusty hardcore but with a lot of innovation in the riffing and songwriting. There's more than a little bit of d-beat in the mix here and that provides most of the foundation, but there are all kinds of twists and turns in the songwriting that keep things interesting. The other really noteworthy aspect of this band's sound is the lead guitar, which has a metallic, kind of thrash-metal sound that provides a stark contrast to the less structured lead playing of most d-beat bands. Unfortunately the import price tag on this one is pretty steep, but if you like innovative crusty hardcore like Skemäta or Paranoid I dare say you'll get more than a few spins out of this one.

Cactus Records