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Siorai Geimhreadh - Sitting Patiently LP

A trio of unassuming brothers from Cork via County Wexford, Síoraí Geimhreadh (which means "Eternal Winter" in Irish and is pronounced Sheery Geevra) are now over a decade into their obscure existence. Beginning as a black metal outfit, their current sound is informed by doom and noise rock, but beholden to their own experimental impulses rather than any genre norms. Siorai Geimhreadh's approach intentionally avoids specific genre definition or stylistic markers, instead embracing a sense of openness in their playing. While their music is heavy, intense and noisy, they never strictly follow any one way of playing or attempt to work within a specific style. Instead, they work to create a style of their own through a shared intuitive method. Recent releases see the band constantly dismantling and reassembling their sound. Their 2012 tape (which intentionally was never given a name) consists of two tracks of dense, freeform noise rock. Their 2015 album "Not A Room" (released on Fort Evil Fruit) works around a single repeated pattern, drifting out of structure in a departure from previous work, creating tension through extreme repetition, subtle mumbling synthesiser and an uncanny sparseness. "Sitting Patiently" acts as a counterpoint to "Not a Room". It is a return to the more visceral work of earlier releases, transformed through a focus on freeform methods of playing. "Sitting Patiently" is a single track spread over two sides of an LP. Side A is immediate and disorienting, with frenetic playing and a raw vocal delivery. The B side sees the track find a sense of tangible structure, which proceeds to slowly drift apart as it progresses. For fans of Fushitsusha, Sonic Youth, Khanate.

SuperFi / Box Emissions / Existentiell Records