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Geist - Disrepair LP

The North East of England's hardcore scene has faded into relative darkness compared to a decade or so ago, but there are a those who keep the torches burning. Durham riff merchants Geist are one such band. With a sound that is self described as “...too metal for the punks and too punk for metalheads" and one that goes several steps further than the generic "mosh-core" that has encroached on the wider scene in recent years, Geist have carved a dark, festering wound into the body of UK hardcore and with their latest offering, a single sided 12” LP aptly entitled Disrepair, they show no sign of relenting.
Recorded by UK hardcore veteran Jason Frye at Century Audio and mastered by the legendary Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, Disrepair imposes 6 chaotic tracks of dark, crusty hardcore which transcends enough genre boundaries to appeal to fans of anything fast, heavy and loud but a concoction of bands akin to Cursed and Converge would define it perfectly.

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