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Bloody Head - Demo Tape

Bloody Head is a Nottingham super-crew featuring peeps from Moloch, Beast As God, Endless Grinning Skulls and Army Of Flying Robots. There are 100 cassettes with various colour covers and a tracing paper insert. The primitive carnal soundtrack to a one way booze cruise to Sodom and Gomorrah. Below deck, through the dry ice and tears, emerges an endless sea of grotesque flesh writhing around to the flashing disco light show like blind mole rats on MDMA. Serenading this vision of ugly hell, the house band churn out a feral dirge of half forgotten bedsit cock rock and Californian hardcore, while the weird guy with a degree in philosophy who's meant to be cleaning the bogs goes full on existential Rambo over the top of it all.

Viral Age Records