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Northern Darkness #8 Zine

A new layout, a new look. Northern Darkness returns with Volume 8. Inside these hallowed pages I talk about the history of AVENGER with drummer Gary Young. Also a discussion about classical training, the use of Latin and being a music lecturer with black metal band DENIGRATA! Also I spoke with Erick Qvist about the artwork and imagery behind UNDER THE CHURCH as well as past memories and current feelings towards NIRVANA 2002. Also featured is the amazing UK death metal machine CRUCIAMENTUM, plus I speak about working offshore and it's effects on being in a band, as well as losing someone close to you with Tomas of UK doomsters TROLLKRAFTT! Want more doom? The mighty drone beast GORGANTUAN are featured and there is a very interesting collaboration announced by Oscar Taylor of ANGMAER! Plus once more Denigrata herself speaks, Bleurg the cat adorns the rear cover and an in depth live review of the exclusive and historic SATANIC WARMASTER SHOW in Glasgow with PALE MIST and the incredible DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT. Plus a fair few reviews and of course Steve Earles talks about an album from the past that he feels was under-rated!